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The Status Quo is Broken

There's no doubt that leverage is an important tool for traders. But today, getting access to leverage is difficult for the long tail of assets. From WIF to BONK, these are the same assets that have the most potential for growth. And to access leverage users turn to perpetuals, which are plagued by oracle manipulation attacks and pit traders against each other in a zero sum game.

Blackwing's Innovation

Blackwing is a modular blockchain that enables liquidation free leverage trading for long tail assets via a novel construct called Limitless Pools. Additionally, by taking advantage of recent advancements in modular infrastructure and using Initia as a foundation, Blackwing is able to allow users to seamlessly leverage trade assets from any chain - all without compromising decentralization.

Current progress towards testnet launch: ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ 100%. Tomcat-1 is live! Trade now:

Our Mission

Blackwing's number one principle is Insane Community Focus.

It's our mission to make sure each community member has the best possible experience on Blackwing - the most assets, the lowest fees, fastest execution, and the best prices.

If Blackwing is not the de-facto best application to use in all dimensions, we've failed.

Who is Building Blackwing?

Blackwing is made with , 🍕, and ❤️ by a team with years of experience working at great companies:

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We're also fortunate to be backed by some of the best investors: